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Guideline on how to promote self-care

This guideline aims to help the promotion of self-care, through the stated specific objectives, for the following target usersPolicy decision makers, Healthcare managers, Healthcare and social care professionals (and professional bodies), Patient organisations and other NGOs, Industry, over-the-counter medication pharma industry, Workplace related stakeholders and Educators.

The guideline has been structured in 5 key steps. You can navigate through them using this interactive diagram, the menu on the right side of the webpage or by simply following the pages in sequential order.

Guideline on how to promote self-care in minor conditions

Identify the problem and evaluate your context

  • Define what specific issue(s) you are trying to address
  • Identify whether those issues are related to a specific minor conditions or a general approach to self-care
  • Identify key stakeholders for the development of the self-care strategy
  • Identify self-care promotion resources for the selected conditions in your area

Identify and select common and specific patients’/general population self-care behaviours

  • Specify and describe the population/patients that you want to address with the intervention
  • Identify the general and specific patients’/general population self-care behaviours that the intervention aims to promote

Evaluate the mechanisms that hinder or facilitate the promotion of self-care

  • Evaluate the possible impact of hindering/facilitating mechanisms including:
    • Patients related factors
    • Professionals related factors
    • Environment related factors

Select and implement self-care promotion interventions

  • Linking intervention(s) with the hindering/facilitating mechanisms
  • Selecting intervention(s)
  • Piloting intervention(s)
  • Implementing intervention(s)

Evaluate the impact of implemented self-care strategies

  • Develop impact indicators
  • Consider qualitative evaluation
  • Evaluate continuously and adapt your strategy in consequence
Catalogue of practices to promote self-care